Here’s To My Love

I’ve started writing Here’s To My Love in July 2014. Yep, that long ago. In fact, I’ve finished a very rough first draft sometime in August. I changed the story quite a bit and wrote another draft. Trashed it, and began rewriting it around the time when school started that year. By Autumn 2015 I’ve had 34 chapters up on Wattpad. However, I wasn’t very happy with the story, so I took it down a while back and wanted to rewrite it yet again. I’ve made a few attempts, but I never got very far. Once I’m done writing the novel I’m writing for school, I will start working on this one again.

About the story:

  • revolves around a self-proclaimed bad bitch, her abusive ex-boyfriend (with whom she gets back together when he returns to his hometown), and a very young, very handsome drama teacher
  • contains lots of Shakespeare references because there’s a drama teacher involved and that’s an excuse for me to let my Shakespeare fangirl shine
  • spoiler alert: there are some batshit crazy plot twists

What’s going to happen to it?

I’m going to rewrite it because I really care about this story. I have several ideas for a sequel as well as a spin-off that focuses on the protagonist’s best friend.


History of (horrible) Wattpad Covers:

1407323279407  1410797142979

The cover for the first draft (yeah, I published that on Wattpad — and, yeah, that was my pseudonym back then) and the cover for the second first draft (which for some reason doesn’t have my pseudonym but my old username on it).

1418404291779  1443277647768  1445056464106

Those are the covers I’ve used for the 34-chapter unfinished version. I’ve used the first one for a very long time, the second one was up for only a few weeks or months, and the last one was also a cover I’ve used for quite a long time.

1456587743607  1462458289787

I’ve used these for the several attempts at rewriting the story. Still my favourite versions.